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Mini Rework Stencil
Mini stencil is a custom-made laser cut stencil that is mainly used for localized rework. For this rework tool, we configure the most precise aperture size to replicate the initial stencil design for a selected area. Work closely with our designers to create rework stencils for any type of components.

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Metal Squeegee
We offer two types of metal squeegee that not only meet your expectations, but also surpass the conventional squeegee in every aspect.

Laser Cut Squeegee Blade
As opposed to rubber squeegee, the low printing pressure of metal squeegee blade reduces bleeding of paste that could cause bridging, thus it improves the print quality tremendously. The smooth surface of our laser cut squeegee blade makes it difficult for solder paste from sticking to the surface which enhances paste release and eliminates waste.

E-Blade (Electroformed Squeegee Blade)
Electroformed blade promotes better yields with uniform high quality prints as it exhibits the lowest printing pressure that is attributable to its uniquely designed edge. It has a smooth, low abrasive edge that reduces friction and prolongs the life of both the blade and stencil. Crisp prints are easily achievable by using electroformed blade in tandem with Dynamic Stencil manufactured electroformed stencil.

Product Information

Custom Thin Metal Part

We offer high quality precision thin metal parts that are customized to your satisfaction. Our experienced designers are committed to provide you with comprehensive consultation and guidance throughout the process to create your desired metal parts. We employ various manufacturing methods including chemical etching, electroforming and laser cutting to ensure every metal part is manufactured perfectly to your specific requirements.