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Multi-layered Step Laser Cut Stencil

Product Information

Multi-layered Step Laser Cut Stencil
Step stencil offers flexibility in stencil heights to vary the volume of solder paste deposit in order to achieve PCB planarity in single printing.

  • Areas are stepped down to reduce paste thickness and height for fine-pitch components so as to avoid bridging.
  • Areas are stepped up to increase the volume and height of solder paste for specific components.

Our designers will take into careful account your designs and layout specifications to manufacture multilayered step stencil with optimum performance. We are employing two different but equally viable technologies to produce your desired step stencils.

Chemical Etching
The traditional method to produce step stencils with the thickness of a selected area is reduced by spraying chemical etchant onto the surface.

Step Welding
Step welding is a technique in which foils are welded together to create desired localized thickness.